Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gilbert Water Ranch

Between working inside so much on my calendar lately and the harsh summer light and heat, I haven't been doing any serious bird photography for some time now. So I got up early the other day and headed to the Gilbert Water Ranch to see some birds and make sure I still know how to use my camera.

The Wood Stork is still present and was exploring all the pools there, but wherever I went, there was the stork. We must have been on the same agenda. He was often with lots of Great Egrets, but I finally got him alone in the viewfinder for a minute while he was cleaning himself after a round of feeding.

Black-necked Stilts were abundant and had a handful of young of the year with them. Many other birds there to photograph, but as tempting as it was to wade out into a pool to get better shots, the place is a water reclamation facility and that probably wouldn't be the best decision.

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