Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rainy Day in the Sonoran

It finally rained here in the Arizona desert. It's been a long time since we've seen any and hope we'll get more during this unimpressive monsoon season. It actually rained for most of the two days I was in southern AZ looking for birds and it felt great! I managed a few bird shots but also took the opportunity to do a little HDR scenery shooting. My fingers are crossed for some cool lightning sometime soon...

Western Kingbird in the rain

Broad-billed Hummingbird

Windmill near Sonoita, AZ

Santa Rita Mountains, AZ

Friday, August 14, 2009

Unidentified Warbler

Update: Majority vote says it's a juvenile Yellow Warbler

Photographed this warbler at Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve on Aug 13 while looking for the Rufous-capped Warblers. There was some discussion about it amongst those of us there, but didn't come to a conclusion. Wondering what you all think it might be....... thanks!

Friday, August 7, 2009


After learning a few new tricks with HDR (high dynamic range) photography, I pulled out my Cactus Bling shot that I posted awhile back and had a little fun with it. I was disappointed in the way the original version looked since it didn't show the colors that were there in person, which is why I converted it to black and white. This is a common thing trying to photograph something in the desert during the day. So I guess this new version makes up for the lack of color before! I'm hoping to find some new subjects to do more HDR stuff with when I'm not having good luck with the birds.

On a side note, I was shocked and saddened to find the junk has been removed from this Giant Saguaro. Guess it was a victim of a road cleanup project. So this image is now one of a kind!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Just got back a few days ago from a great trip home to the Great Lakes region. It was cool and cloudy most of the time which provided welcome relief from the relentless heat and bright sunshine of Phoenix. I didn't bring home my big lens for shooting birds, but I did bring smaller stuff to have a little fun. I plan on shooting some star trails in the desert this winter, so the star shot was basically just a test. The old light is where they used to clean fish at night near our lakehouse up in Wisconsin. And some Illinois wildflowers...

Also had the chance to try out some Nikon gear and photographed the infamous kitten named Wildfire.