Tuesday, May 5, 2009


American Kestrel

This past week I was up in Yellowstone National Park for the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop. I was one of the four lucky amateurs to be selected out of over 2,000 to attend this workshop hosted by Apple and pro photographer Scott Bourne. The other pros were Steve Simon, Frederick Van Johnson, and Gary Hamburgh. The amateurs that also won the trip are Elyse Weadock, Olga Yiparaki, and Ara Roselani. Cathy Chung served as our historian and entertainment. We all had an amazing time with lots of learning, photography, eating and laughter. Yellowstone was incredible as always, especially with the snow and light conditions of late winter/early spring. To hear more about the workshop and everyone that was there, visit http://www.f64.com/. Here are some of my images made over the few days. Stay tuned for more...

Mule Deer

Lone Tree in Fog and Snow

Cowboy driving Bison back to Yellowstone

Common Raven squawking in the cold