Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bush's Last Weekend

Did you know W. has removed protection from the Grey Wolves for the second time this year? Last time he did this 110 wolves in the Yellowstone region were killed in as many days. The locals are cleaning their guns for round two. Why would he do this after all the time and money the government spent to return wolves to the northwest and restore our only complete ecosystem? I could offer some suggestions as to why, but I don't want to call him names on my blog. Maybe it was his parting shot as he leaves the white house, which for me can't come soon enough. If you don't know what I'm talking about, grab any book on the return of the wolf to yellowstone and you'll be enlightened. Maybe outraged in the end.

To put me in a better mood, I turn to sharing some of my recent shots from Arizona and Wisconsin.

Whitewater Draw - Arizona

Black-necked Stilt - Arizona

Lake Puckaway - Wisconsin

Red-tailed Hawk - Arizona

Sulpher Springs Valley - Arizona

Red-tailed Hawk - Arizona


Zyra said...

Me and my family have been looking at your beautiful pictures and there great.So when I grow up I want to take great pictures like you,and I play b-ball and I love it so I would also like to take pictures of the WNBA.Well me and my family love your pics!!So keep up the good work.

Andrew said...

gorgeous shots of Whitewater & the valley - love the clouds!