Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Eagle

I made a trip to the Upper Mississippi River NWR on New Year's Eve, hoping to photograph Bald Eagles in some dramatic winter light and light snow. The day began foggy, but I figured it would lift. It didn't. Couldn't even see the river. So I went to brunch at a diner to kill time. The fog remained. So I went back to the river anyway to see if I could salvage anything, but no luck. The fog turned to heavy snow. It was time to head home. A 1.5 hour drive turned into over 3 hours as the snow fell harder and faster than the plows could handle.

A few days later I decided to try again, however this time the day began with temps around minus 12 degrees farenheit. Holding metal lenses and camera bodies in those conditions is painful, to say the least. But the air was nice and clear! I figured it would be worth the trip if I could just get one good photo...

I am proud to present my first image of 2008.